instaCELL biocompatibility assay kit

Medical devices or materials which will be in direct contact with a patient need to be tested for their biocompatibility. The in vitro extract test for the evaluation of cytotoxic effects on mammalian cells in accordance to the guideline ISO 10993 helps to reduce in vivo animal testings.

The instaCELL biocompatibility assay kit is validated for the evaluation of the cytotoxic potential of an material extract.

The kit includes assay ready L-929, a mouse fibroblast cell line used to analyze cytotoxicity in vitro. The cells can be used in the assay like a reagent without prior cultivation. They recover with high viability and adhere quickly. In addition to the assay ready cells, the kit includes plates, assay medium, standardized controls and XTT.

instaCELL biocompatibility assay kit (coming soon)

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