Biocompatibility Assay Kit

Medical devices and material which comes in contact with a patient must be tested for biocompatibility before a product can be released for the market. As part of this, the cytotoxicity of extracts prepared from the materials is addressed. Sensitive indicator cells like L-929 mouse fibroblasts are incubated with serial dilutions of the extracts and the decreased cell viability is quantified by the addition of a metabolic formazan dye (e.g.XTT).

acCELLerate's instaCELL biocompatibility assay kit contains assay ready L-929 cells which can be applied for testing like regent without prior cultivation. Even cell counting is dispensable. Cultivation dependent assay variability is eliminated which increase the reproducibility of the results. The kit further includes all what is required to perform the assay, i.e. precut materials to prepare references extracts required by the guideline, media, buffer, 96-well plates and XTT viability reagent. The instaCELL biocompatibility assay kit has been qualified according to ISO 10993-5.

XTT plate layout

instaCELL biocompatibility

instaCELL biocompatibility assay kit (SF180)

L-929 assay ready cells (1 vial)
recovery buffer, assay medium, assay buffer
reference materials, XTT vaibility assay, 96-well plate

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L-929 Assay Ready Cells (RE772)

5 vials (1E7 cells/vial), recovery buffer, assay medium

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