Chromobody® Assay Ready Cells

ChromoTek’s Chromobodies are fluorescent nanoprobes for real-time and live-cell imaging of intracellular endogenous proteins. A Chromobody is a small intracellular functional antibody fused to a fluorescent protein. Unlike conventional antibodies Chromobodies non-invasively visualize endogenous cellular structures and processes in live cells without interfering with the target protein function. acCELLerate provides assay ready Chromobody cells for live cell imaging and high content screening.  The cells a frozen in aliquots of 10 million cells/vial and come with recovery buffer and assay medium. 

Hela Lamin

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Lamin Chromobody (HeLa) (CB280)

Lamin-Chromobody Assay Ready Cells stably express an anti-lamin nanobody fused to GFP in HeLa cells. Nuclear morphology can be investigated in live cells for applications in mitosis or apoptosis. 
10 million cells/vial including recovery buffer and assay medium

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