instaCELL genotoxicity assay kit

The property of a chemical agent to damage genetic informations can lead to mutagenesis. DNA damages can be single- and double-strand breaks, loss of excision repair, cross-linking, alkali-labile sites, point mutations, and structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations. The compromised integrity of the genetic material has been known to cause cancer.

The instaCELL genotoxicity assay is validated to assess the chemicals' potential to cause these DNA damages in vitro.

The kit includes assay ready V-79 cells, a hamster lung fibroblast cell line used to analyze the formation of micro nuclei in vitro. The cells can be used in the assay like a reagent without prior cultivation. They recover with high viability and adhere quickly. In addition to the assay ready cells, the kit includes plates, assay medium, standardized controls, and a fluorescent dye.


instaCELL genotoxicity assay kit (coming soon)

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