instaCELL phospholipidosis assay kits

Cationic amphiphilic drugs can induce the accumulation of phospholipids in multi-lamellar bodies which is associated with clinical toxicities (e.g. hepatotoxicity, cardiac arrhythmias, kidney or lung injury, and myopathies). For a predictive risk assessment of drug candidates animal testing is still indispensable but can be reduced by in silico and in vitro assessment.

The instaCELL phospholipidosis assay kit is validated for the evaluation of phospholipidosis potential of a drug at an early stage of preclinical development.

The kit includes assay ready HepG2, a human liver cell line commonly used to asses phospholipidosis in vitro. The cells which can be used in the assay like reagent without prior cultivation, recover with high viability and adhere quickly. Besides the assay ready cells, the kit includes plates, assay medium, standardized controls, and a fluorescent dye that discriminates between phospholipidosis and steatosis.

Sertaline overlay

instaCELL cytotoxcity assay kit

instaCELL phospholipidosis assay kit (SF130)

- HepG2 assay ready cells (5 vials)
- reagents, buffer, media, and assay plate
- 5x 96-well assay

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