instaCELL skin sensitization assay kit I (hCLAT)


the instaCELL skin sensitization assay kit I is based on the human cell line activation test (hCLAT) using human THP-1 monocytes. Recently, this test has been accepted by the OECD (test guideline 442E) as an alternative method to animal testing for skin sensitizers, addressing the expression of cell surface markers CD54 and CD86 as a key event in activation of dendritic cells.

The instaCELL skin sensitization kit I include assay ready THP-1 cells, which can be used in the assay like a reagent, without prior cultivation. The cells recover with a high viability and reproducibly discriminates between sensitizers and non-sensitizers. The kit further includes assay plates and media, reference substances and validated detection antibodies to enable a reliable and flexible testing according to the guideline. All components are carefully adjusted to the assay ready cells included in the kit, to provide comparable result, wherever or whenever the kit is used by whoever.


instaCELL skin sensitization assay kit I (SF210-01)

1 vial assay ready cryopreserved THP-1 cells, recovery buffer, assay medium & buffer, reference substances, antibody alpha-CD54, antibody alpha-CD86, isotype control, BSA-solution, propidiumiodide, 24-well plate

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