instaCELL® cytotoxicity assay kits

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SF010-05     NIH-3T3     5x 96-well     Resazurin

SF020-05     L-929          5x 96-well     Resazurin

SF030-05     HepG2        5x 96-well     Resazurin

instaCELL cytotoxicity assay kits contain assay ready frozen cells which don't have to be cultivated, passaged of even counted before use. They work just like any other assay reagent!

  • cell culture related variations are reduced to improve the reproducibility of the assay
  • the user gets released from tedious cell culture work
  • cells are always available in constant quality for instant cytotoxicity testing

cytotoxicity assay fresh versus frozen
NIH-3T3 cells from a growing culture (light) were seeded at 20 million cells per well into a 96-well plate. instaCELL cytotoxicity assay with NIH-3T3 cells was prepared accordingly (dark). after cell seeding samples were added in triplicates of eight serial dilutions and incubated with the cells for 24 hours. resazurin reagent was added to
measure the viability of the cells. 4 hours later the amount the fluorescent metabolite of resazurin was quantified in a plate reader at Ex560/Em590.

instaCELL cytotoxicity assay kits include:

  • cells in an assay ready cryopreserved format
  • washing buffer, assay medium, and assay buffer
  • toxic positive control
  • resazurin assay reagent
  • 96-well assay plates

all components of the kit are cross validated for each particular lot of cells to ensure best batch-to-batch reproducibility. because cell counting is a major source for assay variations the quantity of assay medium provided with the kit is carefully adjusted to the actual cell count. for the user there is no need to count the cells anymore. the cells are just completely resuspended in the provided medium to obtain the correct cell density.

instaCELL cytotoxicity assay kits are available with different cell lines which a commonly used for in vitro toxicity testing.

  • L-929
  • HepG2
  • NIH-3T3