assay ready frozen instant cells

Assay ready cryopreserved cells are useful wherever large quantities of equally performing cells are needed, either immediately in HTS campaigns or over an extended period of time for batch quality release in clinical development and production.

The carefully cryopreserved and validated cells provided by acCELLerate robustly deliver reliable results. No prior cell cultivation or passaging is required. It’s simply dispensing the cells into plates and running the assay - as convenient as a reagent. With more than 15 years of personal experience in custom cell production acCELLerate’s specialists stand for consistent quality and highly functional cells.

Custom production of assay ready Frozen Instant Cells

  • Quick turn-around time of 5-6 weeks for 10 billion cells.
  • Quality controlled and validated, assay performance guaranteed.
  • Homogeneous batches of up to 30 billion cells for reproducible results.
  • Individual aliquots from 5 million to 100 million cells per vial.
  • GMP-like documentation to meet requirements in clinic and production.