acCELLerate distributes a growing list of recombinant target expressing cell lines provided by assay works. The cell lines cover a board range of pharmaceutically relevant transmembrane prtoeins (GPCR's ion channels transporter) generically used for small molecule compound screening lead identification and selectivity testing. The cells are provided in assay ready format at 10 million cells/vial and can be used instantly after thawing. Recovery buffer and assay medium are provided with the cells.

CLS Cell Line Service

CLS is a privately held cell depository which hosts more than 400 human and animal cell lines - common and unique ones. Many of the cell line can be made available through acCELLerate in assay ready format.  


Recombinant cell lines expressing human ion channels for cardiac safety testing and other applications have been licensed from B'SYS Switzerland for the preparation of patch ready cells. These cells are ready to use after thawing for automated and manual patch clamp set-ups and do no need to be cultivated before. PRCs are provided in single-use allquots of cryopreserved cells at 5 million cells/vial and come with suitable amounts of recovery and patch buffer.


Chromotek provides engineered cell lines expressing chromobodies®, GFP-tagged antigen binding domains from heavy chain alpaca antibodies to label intracellular proteins in vivo. The cell lines are available at acCELLerate in assay ready format.

Cell 4 Pharma

Kidney epithelial cells from the proximal part of the tubulus are and essential tool to specifically asses nephrotoxicity in vitro. ciPTEC cells are conditionally immortalized proximal tubular epithelial cells developed by the Radbound University Nijmegen (NL). The activity of two kidney specific organic anion transporters (OAT1 and OAT3) have been reconstituted in the cells by recombinant expression. acCELLerate provides ciPTEC assay ready cells which have been differentiated before cryopreservation. The cells are ready to use in nephrotoxicity testing without prior cultivation or further differentiation. They are provided in single-use alliquots of 5 million cells/vial and come with suitable amounts of recovery buffer and assay medium.