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Setting a new standard for cell based assays is our aim: assays which are reliable and predictable but robust and convenient to use at the same time. Based on more than 15 years of experience in cell production and the preparation of assay ready cells, acCELLerate develops bioassay kits which includes cells that can be used instantly like a reagent.
Frozen Instant Cells are cryopreserved at a highly functional state and are ready-to-use without prior cultivation, passaging or even cell counting. With the use of assay ready Frozen Instant Cells, you will gain flexibility to schedule your experiments and increase the reproducibility and reliability of your bioassays - no matter if you are using cell based assays in high-throughput screening, toxicology assessment, clinical stage bioassays or post-marketing quality control.

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Bioassays 2017 (CASSS)
May 08-09, 2017
Silver Spring MD (USA)

Advances in Cell Based Screening (ELRIG)
May 10-11, 2017
Mølndal (Sweden)

World Preclincal Congress (CHI)
June 12-16, 2017
Boston MA (USA)