instaCELL® Phospholipidosis Assay Kits

Drug induced accumulation of phospholipids (phospholipidosis) is associated with clinical toxicities. Cell‐based assays can help to evaluate the phospholipidosis risk of a drug at an early stage of preclinical development and may reduce animal testing. The instaCELL Phospholipidosis Assay Kits includes pre‐qualified assay ready HepG2 cells which are ready to use like a reagent. The kit also contains positive and negative controls and a fluorescent dye to detect the accumulation phospholipids.


instaCELL Phospholipidosis Assay Kit (Hep‐G2) (SF130)

Hep‐G2 assay ready cells
recovery buffer, assay medium & buffer
positive and negative controls
LysoID/Hoechst phospholipids staining solution
96‐well assay plate

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