instaCELL® Genotoxicity Assay Kits

Chemicals or other environmental noxes which damage the DNA or interfere with cell division, may impact the genomic integrity of cells. This can result in cell death and cancer. To screen chemicals for their genotoxic and mutagenic potential multiple types of assays have been developed. A cell‐based assay to test for DNA‐damage is the micronucleus assay which detects the formation of small DNA fragments segregated from the chromosomes because of strand breaks or mitotic defects.

The instaCELL micronucleus assay kit contains assay ready V79 cells which are commonly used for this assessment. The assay ready cells have been qualified for a low basal micronucleus rate and a high sensitivity and selectivity for genotoxic substances. The kit includes controls and a DNA dye as well as chamber slides to cultivate and test the cells directly on a microscope slide for an easier analysis.


instaCELL Micronucleus Assay Kit (V79) (SF120)

V79 Assay Ready Cells
recovery buffer, assay medium & buffer
positive control (Mitomycin C)
Fluoroshield™ DAPI stain
3‐well chamber slides (ibidi)

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V79 Assay Ready Cells (RE781)

chinese hamster lung
10 million cells/vial
recovery buffer, assay medium

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