instaCELL® GM-CSF Potency Assay Kit

The instaCELL GM-CSF potency assay kit is an in vitro test to determine the potency of Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF) formulations for quality control. Recombinant forms of GM-CSF are used for white blood cell recovery following autologous bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy and for the treatment of fungal infections. The assay utilizes the cytokine dependence of TF-1 cells, a human erythroblast cell line, for their proliferation, which make them a valid model to determine the potency of cytokines like GM‑CSF in a proliferation bioassay. The assay kit uses a Resazurin viability assay to analyze the potency of the GM-CSF product and compares it to a kit included reference.

The instaCELL G-CSF assay kit includes prequalified TF-1 instaCELLs as well as media, reagents, reference standard, and 96-well plate. InstaCELLs are frozen cell aliquots which can be used directly in the assay without prior cultivation, basically like a reagent.

GM-CSF Potency Assay Kit

instaCELL® GM-CSF Potency Assay Kit (SF340-01)

TF-1 assay ready cells
Assay Buffer M, Recovery Buffer M
GM-CSF Reference
Resazurin viability dye
96-well assay plate

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