instaCELL® Pyrogen Detection Kit (MAT)

The monocyte activation test (MAT) is used to detect or quantify substances that activate human monocytes to release endogenous mediators such as pro-inflammatory cytokines like tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) which play an important role in fever pathogenesis. The MAT assay detects the presence of pyrogens and is capable to replace the rabbit pyrogen test (European Pharmacopeia).

The pyrogenicity of a substance is determined by the instaCELL kit based on the release of TNF-alpha. For this purpose, Assay Ready THP-1 derived macrophages are incubated with the test substance and the supernatant is analyzed in a TNF-alpha specific ELISA. The amount of pyrogen can be determined using a standard curve of the WHO-certified reference standard.

The instaCELL monocyte activation test kit includes prequalified Assay Ready THP-1 derived macrophages as well as media, reagents, controls, and plates to perform the assay according to the European Pharmacopeia. Assay Ready Cells are frozen cell aliquots which can be used directly in the assay without prior cultivation, basically like a reagent.


Baseline corrected of Batch to Batch

instaCELL® Pyrogen Detection Kit (MAT) (SF240-01)

THP-1 macrophage Assay Ready Cells
Assay Buffer A, Recovery Buffer A
Coating Buffer & ELISA Buffer
TMB Solution, Strepdavidin-HRP
Detection & Capture Antibody
96-well plates

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THP-1 macrophage Assay Ready Cells (RE514)

Human monocyte derived macrophages
10 million cells/vial
recovery buffer, assay medium

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