instaCELL micronucelus assay kit

A possible genotoxic effect should be discovered as early as possible in the development of a new drug to avoid unnecessary costs. The instaCELL® micronucleus assay kit, based on OECD guideline 487, is a simple and quick method to determine the genotoxic potential of a candidate substance. The formation of micronuclei during cell division, caused by double-strand breaks, crosslinking etc., is used as a measure for the genotoxic damage. The cells are treated with the test substance directly on a microscope slide (3-well chamber, Ibidi®) and can be mounted and stained in one step (Fluoroshield™, ImmunoBioScience corp.), which makes the preparation very easy and convenient.

Micronucleus Assay

The formation of micronuclei in mammalian cells is a well-accepted indicator of a chemical’s genotoxic potential. Clastogenic substances induce DNA double strand breaks while aneugenic substances interfere with the spindle formation. Both lead to an irregular distribution of chromosomes during mitosis and the segregation of excess DNA into a micronucleus (white circles).

The instaCELL® micronucleus assay kit has been developed on the basis of OECD test guideline 487 for genotoxicity testing and includes prequalified Assay Ready V79 Cells, which can be instantly used without prior cultivation.

Prequalified Assay Ready V79 Cells from the kit were instantly seeded into ibidi 3-well chamber slides and treated with genotoxic chemicals at different concentrations. 

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