New Approach Methodologies (NAMs)

In recent years, a paradigm shift has taken place in the field of toxicology and biomedical research with the emergence of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs). Traditionally, animal testing has been the cornerstone of scientific research, providing valuable insights into the effects of substances on living organisms. However, ethical concerns, high costs and the increasing recognition of species differences have led to a search for alternative methods that are not only more humane but also scientifically superior.

Many toxicity testing guidelines already include NAMs alternatives to animal testing. Our instaCELL kits offer simple and low-threshold solutions for a switch to cell-based toxicology testing.

instaCELL® cytotoxicity assay kits

instaCELL cytotoxicity assay kits have been designed to improve the reliability and reproducibility of routine toxicity testing. The assay kit includes aliquots of cryopreserved assay ready cells which have been qualified for the testing. The cells can be used like a reagent instantly after thawing and don’t need to be cultivated or even counted before. The kit further includes assay plates, proper controls, and a viability dye (Resazurin).

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instaCELL® micronucleus assay kit

The instaCELL micronucleus assay kit contains assay ready V79 cells which are commonly used for this assessment. The assay ready cells have been qualified for a low basal micronucleus rate and a high sensitivity and selectivity for genotoxic substances. The kit includes controls and a DNA dye as well as chamber slides to cultivate and test the cells directly on a microscope slide for an easier analysis.

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instaCELL® pyrogen detection kit (MAT)

The instaCELL monocyte activation test kit includes prequalified Assay Ready THP-1 derived macrophages as well as media, reagents, controls, and plates to perform the assay according to the European Pharmacopeia. Assay Ready Cells are frozen cell aliquots which can be used directly in the assay without prior cultivation, basically like a reagent.

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instaCELL® keratinosens assay kit

These cell lines are provided by acCELLerate under license from Givaudan and BASF and are available either for cultivation or in the assay ready format. Assay Ready KeratinoSens Cells are as well included in the instaCELL KeratinoSens assay kit which has been qualified for multiplexing Nrf‐2 activation and toxicity. KeratinoSens and LuSens uses the Luciferase technology from Promega (U.S. Pat. No. 8008006 & EU Pat. No. 1341808B1) and may only be used under the terms of a limited use license.

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